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What is the festival all about?

Q: Why have a yoga festival in Bundaberg?A: We have created this new event to give the Bundaberg region’s community an opportunity to experience a full day of unlimited yoga and mindfulness with supportive yoga instructors in a relaxed, friendly...

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Commonly Used Yoga Terms

If you are confused by the strange words your yoga teacher is using in class, please be reassured that you are not losing your hearing or going mad. Yoga has originated from India over 5000 years ago and was first described in Sanskrit, one of the oldest...

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Why I Chose to Become a Yoga Teacher

This article appeared in the online Her Umbrella Magazine and in print in the Australian Yoga Life magazine Issue 61, Dec 2018. Have you ever considered becoming a yoga teacher? I didn’t. Hi, my name is Tamar Boas. I am the founder of the 2019 Bundaberg...

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