What do I need to know before my first yoga class?

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I have been teaching yoga for only 2 years but have been going to classes for over 20. I have been to numerous classes in many different places, with various teachers and countless styles. Going to a new class for the first time is exciting and also a little bit daunting. So here are a few tips to help you feel a bit more at ease when joining a yoga class.


What do I wear?

No need for fancy gear. Wear what you would wear to the gym or for a fitness session (activewear). Simple comfortable clothes are recommended. Stretchy pants and a fitted top or T-shirt so you can move without feeling too exposed. If it is a bit cool, wear layers that can be removed as you become heated. Personally, I find that wearing good tights and a supportive sports bra (no wires) makes me feel special and ready for exercise.
Yoga is usually practised with no shoes and no socks. It is a good idea to have socks for the relaxation part of the class, especially if you get cold easily.


What do I bring?

Bring a yoga mat if you have one and a water bottle. It can be useful to bring a light blanket or large towel to use on top of the mat as cushioning for your bony parts and for covering yourself during relaxation. If you have trouble sitting on the floor, bring a cushion or sit on your folded blanket.


What do I eat?

It is best to practice yoga on an empty stomach so don’t have a heavy meal just before class. It is ok to have a light snack about 20mins before the practice. Make sure you visit the bathroom before the session starts to avoid discomfort.


What do I avoid? General etiquette.

  • Please be in class, on your mat about 5 minutes before start time. This will help ensure that classes start on time and you are relaxed and ready.
  • Respect silence within the hall before and after class. Enjoy chatting with your new friends outside the hall.
  • We ask that your phone be kept on vibrate or silent to maintain a peaceful environment for all participants. Do not take photos during practice.
  • Please be mindful of heavy fragrances and essential oils. We want the space to be welcoming for all visitors.
  • Please leave all bags and extra items (besides your mat, props, and water) in the designated area. No lockers are available at the venue.


How to be a beginner?

Trust the teacher and follow their instructions. Remember that your practice is personal. No one else is inside your body, so it is up to you to decide what you can and cannot do. If you are unsure about a pose or feel pain, please choose a modified version or skip that exercise. Before and after classes, you are invited to ask questions and discuss all things yoga with the local teachers and students.


What else is possible for you and your body?

Enjoy the adventure.