What is the festival all about?

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Q: Why have a yoga festival in Bundaberg?

A: We have created this new event to give the Bundaberg region’s community an opportunity to experience a full day of unlimited yoga and mindfulness with supportive yoga instructors in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere.


Q: Why Yoga?

A: Practicing some simple yoga stretches and breathing exercises regularly can help your body immensely. Yoga is a low-cost and effective way to become more relaxed and more comfortable in your body throughout your life. Here is a link to an article about the top 13 benefits of yoga that are backed by science.


Q: Why Bundaberg?

A: There is a growing yoga trend in the world and in our region at the moment. More and more people are curious about yoga and are interested in trying it out. Living in our region are some very talented and experienced yoga teachers. This event is designed to showcase their style of teaching and inform the community of what yoga classes are available in Bundaberg. The Bundaberg region is blessed with perfect winter weather, clean air and beautiful natural spaces that are complementary to the practice of yoga. We would like to invite visitors from Queensland, Australia and the world to enjoy the magic of our region while immersing themselves in a yoga experience. If you are planning a visit to the region find out more here.


Q: What happens on the day?

A: The general public is invited to explore the local festival stalls, showcasing an exceptional mix of health and wellness offerings from the Bundaberg region. Some of the stalls include delicious healthy food and drinks, amazing sound healing experience, a variety of massages, psychic readings, yoga and meditation related books and gear. The stalls are located in the undercover area as you enter the grounds.

If you would like to attend the yoga sessions,  purchase the Unlimited day pass for your free access to all sessions so you can enjoy a wide variety of yoga styles in classes tailored for all levels of yogi from new to experienced. The seven sessions are held inside the Basketball stadium from 9am to 5pm.  There will be plenty of time to meet like-minded people, sit back, reflect, and unwind.


Q: What if I have never done yoga before?

A: This is the perfect time and place to check out what yoga is all about. Come along and meet the local instructors and yoga students. Ask questions and try a few sessions. Not sure what to expect? Read more in the blog.


Q: I need more information

A: Read the festival Q&A or contact the organiser Tamar Boas.


See you at the festival!